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Kitchen Craft . Kitchen Craft is a durable that can be used to compress not only aluminum, but more durable tin and steel food cans.This crusher will also compress large size cans and will take cans even up to 20 oz size.So if you need a that can compress practically any type of food and drink cans, than this …

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Tin s To Recycle Beer And Pop Tins. Updated 12/04/2020: The humble tin is a simple, however efficient kitchen recycling tool. Position your empty tin can on the crusher ledge and pull the grip handle to decrease your cans to around 20 percent of their original dimensions.

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The good side is that yes, this can crush both steel and aluminum cans. But there are some design issues. You put your foot in a groove to step on this to crush the cans. The groove is narrower than my mens 10 1/2 shoes, so my shoe would get stuck or it would be painful to step on. I added a piece of wood to fill the groove and fixed that problem.

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Never use a on steel food cans. Most are designed exclusively for thin aluminum cans, so trying to crush steel cans might damage your device and void any warranty. Check to see if your can crush plastic bottles. A number of s are able to handle plastic water bottles – another space hog in the recycling bin.

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The tool can be used to crush aluminum, steel and tin cans up to 500 ml or 17 oz. This allows to use the crusher with practically any soda, beer or even larger energy drink cans. The crusher will reduce the size of 16 oz and 17 oz aluminum cans down to about 1.5 inch (4 cm) height. Tool can also be used to compress smaller 12 oz cans.

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This by BR Tools is a simple aluminum with similar construction and looks as many other s on the market. The crusher can take cans up to 16 oz size and compress them into approx. 1-1.5 inch small metal pieces. This is designed for crushing aluminum cans only and will not work with cans from harder …

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Product description. Easily manage your recycling with this from Norpro. It features a heavy gauge stainless steel and is easy to use: simply load a 16 ounce can, slightly indent it, and pull down on the lever to crush it into a one inch high piece of aluminum.

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ADEPTNA Wall Mounted Heavy Duty 16oz 2 in 1 Blue with Bottle Opener and Soft Grip Handle. MATERIAL - Heavy duty 16 gauge steel construction. Heavy Duty Steel designed to Crush Cans up to 500ml effortlessly including beer cans. CRUSHES UP TO 20% - Crushes cans to 20% of original size.

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